Ionic Mobile App Builder v16.06.13 (Nulled)

Ionic Mobile App Builder is a web base tool to build a template code for Ionic Framework and also build applications for data storage media.

Components used Ionic Framework, Cordova, along with plugins combined with Ionic Material. And a data storage medium is a WordPress REST-API, or also able automatically create WordPress Plugin. or using other storage media such as firebase, we use JSON format. You could even make it easier without touching HTML/JS/CSS or PHP using this tools.
Change Log 16.06.13 - Current Version
- Add variable to menu column for support @utf8 label (thank @Rungsan Suyala ).
- Add Per args for WP Plugin Maker (thank @Macromind)
- Add Per args for PHP + MySQL
- Add example picture (Thank to and dotNet Photograhy)
- Fix youtube issue in PHP + MySQL Generator (thank @sebaryco)
- Fix youtube issue in WordPress Plugin Generator (thank @sebaryco)
- Add trust url for video, audio, iframe
- Fix popover in tabs mode (thank @auliamuslim)
- New features crossdomain check
- New features resources generator

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  1. Works great.
    just wonder if Extra Tools/Page Builder works with every 1 here – it gives me a blank page , not the templates.
    Please Advice.

  2. goood

  3. i have the newest version of this script, 17.8. works both offline and online.
    we can exchange
    mail me: anggalina[dot]fajr at gmail[dot]com

  4. i want it
    how to increas point? 🙁

    • i have the newest version of this script, 17.8. works both offline and online.
      we can exchange
      mail me: anggalina[dot]fajr at gmail[dot]com

  5. This site is useless now. Can’t buy points and can’t download anything because nothing worth downloading is free. This site is nothing short of a scam stealing people’s money. What is the point of this crap. people can just buy from Envato instead of supporting this site. Everyone go download on Themelock, and Themes24x7 don’t support this trashy scam site

  6. i have 17.07, works offline or online, wanna exchange?
    i need this theme:
    Sayidan – University Alumni WP theme (themeforest)
    mail me: anggalina[dot]fajr at gmail[dot]com

  7. still no update to the newest version?

  8. admin update to Latest Version: release: rev17.07.28

  9. admin update to Latest Version: release: rev17.07.28

  10. update please

  11. update please

  12. How can i get points?

  13. update please

  14. update please *-*

  15. update please

  16. link not working its need registration with my credit card

  17. update please

  18. Update please.

  19. is up to date ?

  20. purchase code?

  21. Good Job can you please update this?

  22. Hii, Offline works perfect , also you can go back online and use it without refreshing the page.

  23. i have purchased points, but not reflecting in my account.
    unable to view the link

  24. i paid for this and is not working, nulled version is not stable , is autorefreshing all the time

  25. Please update to latest version 16.08.16 will available 23, August 2016, but I will download this version while waiting for the update.

  26. FIX it, pls or reembolse ;s

  27. excelente

  28. Please Update New Version….

  29. Please Update New Version V16.08.01

  30. please update it to 16.08.01

  31. pls admin, fix it

  32. Sulaimon Olalekan A. 06/08/2016 at 6:51 PM

    pls help…. i just bought this item today but i need purchase Code pls help is urgent

  33. pls, help…

  34. I’m not managing to install. The product key is not accepting this.

  35. Please update!

  36. Dear Admin,

    Please update Ionic App Builder V.16.07.17

    Thanks alot

  37. Hello, can you put this in VIP zone? .. do you have the last version? .. Thank you so much.

  38. this is not nulled.!!!
    after installing script. go to Pege –> New Page(tab) , in this tab “Title” is locked with this text: “Demo Version”. and this will cause all new pages which you create in your mobile app shows “Demo Version” in their title.

  39. i updated nulled version. Please re-download.

  40. Hello all, i updated nulled version. Thanks

  41. Hello all, i update nulled version next day. Thanks

  42. not work.. it’s require active code.

  43. Pedro Rodriguez Torres 19/06/2016 at 10:23 AM

    please update newest version, Thanks!!

  44. i just have 26point there not way for free user?

  45. Fast download not working?

  46. hello admin, please update newest version, Thank 🙂

  47. Hey, please re-upload the newest 5/26 version, thanks.

    • give me this script link (djerad562 – gmai l. co m)

      • how about buying it, instead of demanding for a stolen illegal version of the script as if your dad built it? Blo**dy As*****!

        • Erad Hossain 18/06/2016 at 10:04 PM

          btw why u talk with me like that? if its ur site or ur script u can worning me but don’t reply me like that? here all person buy it illegal. its not real site ok.. maybe your dad built it right thats why u talk with me like that? ur dad from indonesia. dont hurt anyone if i can buy i will buy it but i dont have anything for buy so dont talk with anyone like stupid.

        • Erad Hossain 18/06/2016 at 9:42 PM

          i dont have any online wallet. paypal not support in my country and need mastar card. i want to buy it but can’t. i hope u understand

  48. Friend don’t work.

  49. current version is Change Log, (v16.05.23) – Curren Version

    you have updated

    Change Log (16.05.10)

    which is all ready nulled

  50. Hello, i updated nulled version .Please re-download. Thanks all.

  51. Damn, i can’t use this script, it’s require active code. Please refund point for me zzz

  52. need a new purchase code to use this app

  53. Hello all member. App updated. Thanks you!


  55. WTF where daily visit point and how i can download if not have point and i cant verifiy my profile i never got mail

  56. It has been updated again (16.05.02). Can you please update it?

  57. Guys, I can’t download anything now for free! this is bad… REALLY BAD! I’ve been an avid fan of gfxnull from long time and now you guys have become commercial! I wish to have to old gfx look and working…

  58. Thanks 🙂

  59. maybe i cant download this app coz my point not added n i cant verify too coz there no email

  60. not working, please reupload.

  61. Hi, can you upload last version?. thank you!

  62. Is this a good template_

  63. Too much points I just have 25 point plz make it low

  64. the downloads file is corrupt, please fix it

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