Perfex v1.8.1 Powerful Open Source CRM

Perfex CRM is complete Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Perfex CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.
Version 1.8.1

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  1. Uploud Version 1.9.2 please

  2. Uploud Version 1.9.0 please

  3. This site is useless now. Can’t buy points and can’t download anything because nothing worth downloading is free. This site is nothing short of a scam stealing people’s money. What is the point of this crap. people can just buy from Envato instead of supporting this site. Everyone go download on Themelock, and Themes24x7 don’t support this trashy scam site

  4. Neither you are replying tickets nor you are updating the codes.

  5. update 1.9.1 please

  6. Version 1.9.0 Please

  7. Version 1.9.0 please

  8. vesion 1.8.1 please

  9. vesion 1.8.1 please ^^

  10. vesion 1.8 please ^^

  11. Every time I try the free download, link won’t work, just send me to a download movie software, probably a virus

  12. 1.7 update please

  13. This one has some issues

  14. This one has some issues

  15. This one has nuch issues.

  16. This one has some issues

  17. 1.6.1 update please

  18. New Version 1.6.0 Update Please

  19. Amazing update. It was a long time from 1.3.0 but now its just flowing. Thank you for updating so quick!

  20. VAYY BEE. degisik yani.

  21. New Version 1.5.1 Update Please

  22. Lester Montilla Duran 23/01/2017 at 3:43 PM

    Please update to version 1.5.1


    Changes made in the main Perfex CRM theme.
    Added 95% Catalan Translation
    Improved: Added message below ticket subject if ticket is linked to project.
    Improved: Added ability to share customer files uploaded from in customer profile with specific contacts
    Improved: Added ability to upload contact profile image from admin area.
    Improved: Added option for estimate due after
    Improved: Added option does primary contact can edit and view billing and shipping details in customer profile
    Fixed email templates always sending in English language.
    Fixed task hourly rate in task details not taken from project when task is linked to project and project billing type is Project hours.
    Fixed security issue

  23. In the image says that it is 1.2.7.

    Which version is it actually? Has anyone tried the script from this site?

  24. Version 1.5.0 just released via CodeCanyon 🙂 thanks!

  25. Please update to version 1.4.0!

  26. Please update to version 1.4.0!

    Changes made in the main Perfex CRM theme.
    Added option to show page number on PDF documents.
    Added groups for items.
    Added Unit for items.
    Added ability to add internal knowledge base articles to staff members.
    Added ability to convert ticket to task.
    Added Braintree payment gateway.
    Added ability customer to upload files from customers area in their profile.
    Added new permission VIEW (Own) where applicable.
    Added VAT Number in the company details fields.
    Added 2 new fields for lead description and website.
    Added web to lead form builder, insert leads directly to Perfex CRM.
    Added 85% Swedish translation.
    Added Persian translation.
    Updated German translation.
    Updated Chart.js library to 2.4.0 and optimzied all charts.
    Improved: Added ajax search for leads/customers when creating new proposal and for tasks relations when creating new task to prevent slow loading when there is a lot eq leads in database.
    Improved: Added option does company field to be required.
    Improved: Add option for payment gateways online and offline selected by default on invoice.
    Improved: Added minified versions for all Perfex CRM css and js files with option to use minified versions or not.
    Improved: Added option does VAT Number field is required for the company.
    Improved: Added new tab when previewing invoice in admin area Child Invoices (for recurring)
    Improved: Added new tab when previewing expense Child Expenses (for recurring)
    Improved: Added direct task edit description from the modal description area.
    Improved: Merged tasks.js into main.js.
    Improved: Added quick start task timer on top started timer dropdown.
    Improved: Design, Loading Speed
    Improved: Added ability to add url based merge fields in email templates as link and text.
    Changed: Open Sans Font to Roboto.
    Changed: Only administrators will be able to login as client from admin area.
    Fixed: Admin menu not showing on Firefox when RTL is enabled.
    Fixed: Link for task email template for customers not correct.
    Fixed: Top search bar not search correctly invoice and estimate items.
    Fixed: Ticket url in ticket email template not correct when ticket is opened from admin area.
    Fixed: Proposal total currency not replacing when currency is changed on add/edit proposal view.
    Fixed: Estimate top status (edit view) is formating status by estimate id instead of estimate status.
    Fixed: Saving lead data sometimes causing javascript errors.
    Fixed: Project discussions files and regular tags showing after the comment is edited.
    Fixed: Invoice and Estimate report not working good if currency selected or with cyrlic charachters.

  27. is it nulled ?

  28. dammit, could you give me this one? i o don’t enough points

  29. Update New Version 1.2.4

  30. 1.2.4 available, you can Upgrade?

  31. Coolest!

  32. why cant i get daily points?

  33. Please update to 1.2.1.

    Latest Update

  34. is this updated 1.1.9 or old one 1.0.7?

  35. there is an update 1.1.9

  36. Its collest.

  37. Mattiaaaaaaaaaaaa Prampilli 04/07/2016 at 12:13 PM

    This release it’s a complete Fake.
    The System didn’t work also after the upgrade, still present the same issue… PLUS! They say that it’s updated but it’s not! The login screen is completely different and also the procedure of the login (Look at the url) is different from the Demo on their website.
    You have to stop to “Sell” Nulled (Actually not) Script to people, that actually didn’t work.
    Please check your release before posting out to people.

  38. Please, you can upgrade to version 1.1.6?

  39. working?


  41. 24 June 2016
    Version 1.1.6 Released

  42. Application is not nulled. Spent the better half of the night configuring everything and in the morning I was locked out.

  43. I just realized that this copy of the script does not show the Customers Area menu link like the products demo does. Has this been altered?

  44. Mattiaaaaaaaaaaaa Prampilli 16/05/2016 at 8:50 AM

    The Application is not nulled, so after the installation it became nuked from outside i think, because after that i’ve installed it 6 times, the installation go fine but after some hours i will be unable to log in with the admin account, and the system say that no email address are recognised.

    • Read the products installation guide, also go to the codecanyon site for this product and log in with the admin demo login details they provided. Then you can change the details from there.

      • Mattiaaaaaaaaaaaa Prampilli 16/05/2016 at 10:10 PM

        No maybe you didn’t understand the problem. I’ve installed the Script 7 Times, following the procedure. Everything gone fine, but after some hours i’m unable to log in again cause the script says that my email address or password are not right, and also if i try to reset my password an error tell me that i can’t change password cause the address inserted is not on the database! but if i look with phpmyadmin i see the user correctly!

        • Hey mattiaaa, Let me know which version you tried to install ?
          Will help you out.

        • Mattiaaaaaaaaaaaa Prampilli 19/05/2016 at 8:03 AM

          The version is the 1.1.0

        • if you still stuck.. please contact me. I think I can help you.
          viveks4u85 at gmail dot com

        • Steven Myers 17/05/2016 at 1:16 PM

          Now that is strange. I have it working on my side, but if you would like help I can assist you. Send me a PM on this site if you would like help. I won’t charge you for me to install it. Let me know.

        • Mattiaaaaaaaaaaaa Prampilli 19/05/2016 at 8:04 AM

          But the installation is right… i mean i know that it’s correct

  45. this link is a new version 1.0.9?

  46. Purchased! How long is the VIP download button available for after purchase?

  47. Hello all. V1.0.9 updated.

    • Please GFX.

      I bought several scripts in Themeforest.
      I want to partner with you.

      Always pass the updates and you release me all the VIP access to the site.
      Let’s do it?

      Following is the list of scripts that I bought:

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      URL Shortener Script with Statistics
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      Freelance Manager

    • Hi, could you pls update newest version 1.1.5. Thanks u.

    • Latest version dosnt appear to be nulled. Spent the evening adding users and contacts. In the morning we were locked out of all the accounts.

    • is it possible to get update file only.. Author please reply..

  48. You have 1.09 update ?

  49. Can anybody please tell me the installer file size, Previusly I “buy” other solution and i was not able to download it because file size restriction.

  50. Hi, This works but only in html the css are not loading > any ideas how to fix it ?.Thanks

  51. Thank you for your updated. Downloaded!

  52. Your system points is wrong, everyday join and my points are static…

  53. At least make it 20P so more of us will get it

  54. Thank you for your updated. Downloaded!

  55. Please upload latest version

  56. Please upload latest version

  57. Dear Sir, please update version 1.0.8 for this script.

  58. Please upload latest version. please!!

  59. Please upload latest version 1.0.6

  60. Please upload latest version.

  61. Please upload latest version. Thanks

  62. Please update it to 1.0.4

  63. It can be made available version 1.0.5?

  64. Rodrigo Sírio Coelho 07/02/2016 at 2:22 PM

    Please update it to 1.0.4

  65. 30 POINTS NOW? O.O

  66. Free download not found. Help!

  67. No “install” folder in version 1.0.3. Installation does not work, gives a 404 error. Please fix as soon as possible. Or can you refund points?

  68. Some final feedback. I could get it to install. Admin login page gives a 404 Error. Client login gives a 404 when trying to log in. App does not work.

    Can we get point refunds for apps that does not work? It\’s only fair 🙂

    • Error 404. You test localhost ? I test hosting live and htaccess. Code worked

      • Hi. I tested on localhost, live domain and a live sub-domain. None worked for me. As described above, admin login page gives a 404 Error and client login gives a 404 error on all 3 tests. Perhaps I’m missing a configuration setting then? But I checked my settings everytime

  69. Does not work. Just gives a 404 Page not found error when trying to install

  70. Can you please upload version 1.0.3

  71. you need 25 p

  72. how to download free

  73. wtf 25 p o.0

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